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Keeping Your Information Safe

OH|ID will never share or sell your information. OHID.Ohio.gov is a state-run service that adheres to the State of Ohio’s IT policies and will never lease, sell, or release your personal information to private companies, contractors, or vendors for marketing purposes.

Some applications may require an advanced level of security and may require additional information from users in order to verify their identity. This information is only used to verify a person’s identity and not retained within OH|ID or by the state.

Take a look at our Privacy Notice and Policies for more detailed information.

Using a Strong Password

A strong password is one that is easy to remember for the user but difficult to compromise or detect by humans and computer programs.  OH|ID’s password guidelines are governed by the State of Ohio’s information security policies and are structured in accordance with leading security practices. You can reference a helpful blog post by NIST for more detailed tips.